My wife and I were extremely pleased with our stamped concrete walkway by Roger. We were so impressed that we had him pour a back patio as well. He called and had more concrete ordered the same day. Roger and his crew worked until about ten that evening to finish the job and it looks great! Guests consistently comment on the beautiful walkway and it's a great addition to our home.

We couldn't believe the damage done to our home by a recent heating pipe rupture. Ceilings, floors, insulation saturated with water. Then 2 days later, damage to another bedroom as the roof began leaking due to ice and snow build up. The insurance appraiser was not coming out to assess the damages until the following weekend. Being totally frustrated, as the rugs and insulation began to get moldy and foul smelling, we called Roger and requested his services. Roger came the next day, intervened with the insurance company on our behalf and that afternoon his crew removed the moldy rugs, plaster, insulation, etc. A tarp was placed on the roof to prevent further roof damages.

After just two weeks our new roof is in place, the new hardwood and vinyl floors are in place and we have a new home! Roger has been at the work site daily overseeing the progress. Because of his professional interaction with the insurance appraiser, I'm confident we received a much larger settlement on damages then if we were to have done it on our own.

His workers are polite, responsible, and knowledgable, giving special attention to detail and customer requests. There are no "untidy messes" left behind, as the workers clean up well after themselves before starting a new project or leaving for the day. We are more than pleased with the workmanship and timeliness of completion, and would strongly recommend Roger and his work crew to anyone seeking quality services.

We live in a two family house. We had a fire on Christmas day and pretty much lost everything. We hired someone who was recommended to us. He promised that we would not have to worry about anything since he would take care of everything. After a long period of time and getting the constant run around and empty promises we started looking for another contractor. We spoke to a few and then we met Roger. Roger made us feel like he was part of the family and he would take care of everything. The best part is that he backed up his words with prompt, professional action. In a few days he had the second floor removed and the house gutted. He and his crew inventoried the house, dealt with the insurance company, adjuster, bank, and everyone else they needed to get our house rebuilt. During the process we changed our minds on things like window sizes, bathroom fixtures and other things. Roger took the changes in stride. So much has been done since Roger and his crew took over and it looks great!